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After having a rough day (compounded by a massive wart appearing on her forehead), Sabrina escapes into the mirror in her room to get some peace and quiet.

But when she wants to leave, she discovers that her bad mood has sealed her within the mirror world, where everyone is as grouchy and grumpy as her.

With some magical help from Brady Anderson, Sabrina works to cheer up her mirrored friends and family.

Harvey invites Sabrina, Jenny, Libby, and Gordie to come with him to Boston and meet The Violent Femmes.

A rude and condescending math teacher punishes Sabrina for asking a question by giving the whole class a difficult test.

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When Jenny wonders why Sabrina never invites her over to the Spellman house, Sabrina agrees to have her over for a slumber party.This shocking news is coupled with Sabrina having an extremely bad first day at her new high school, culminating in her turning cheerleader/"mean girl" Libby into a pineapple.With some help from Aunt Hilda, Sabrina gets to rewind time and relive the day, changing things for the better and making her love magic.Hilda and Zelda do their best to keep magical shenanigans from occurring (a difficult task--there's a lint gremlin hiding in the dryer and a repairman with a tail trying to flush him out), only for Jenny to inadvertently stumble into the Other Realm through the upstairs linen closet.

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When Drell transforms Jenny into a grasshopper for entering "his" world, the Spellmans team up with the Other Realm's Rule Keeper to get her back.She must then hide the truth from Rudy's parents and deal with a full-grown adult that has the mind of a toddler.

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