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28-Dec-2017 21:30

Photography with the Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST) and digital cameras is relatively easy once some hurdles are crossed.Sky & Telescope assistant editor Sean Walker has developed techniques that take advantage of the resolution of inexpensive digital cameras to capture breathtaking images of the entire solar disk.Thus the entire solar disk isn't evenly illuminated, and prominences are visible on one side of the Sun while not on the other until the PST's tuning ring is turned to display that area properly.Due to this shortcoming, I originally deemed the PST to have limited use as an imaging platform.

My first afocal images were taken with a borrowed Nikon Coolpix 990 and a Tele Vue 19-millimeter Plössl eyepiece.

However, because my frames differ from one another due to the PST's uneven illumination, the same solar features don't always show on every frame, so Regi Stax may not have a consistent alignment feature.

In such cases, I manually align each image in Photoshop.

Similar to what planetary and deep-sky astrophotographers experience, the more frames I stack, the smoother the resulting image and the more it can withstand subsequent image processing.

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I use my Canon Power Shot A85 in black-and-white mode.Soon, however, I purchased a Canon Power Shot A85 point-and-shoot camera.

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