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03-Jan-2018 00:16

Melvin embodied every unfortunate stereotype about older men: He was a cranky, opinionated, sexist, “my way or the highway,” alpha male kind of guy—who somehow stumbled into a romantic relationship with the waitress at his favorite Manhattan diner.Granted, Melvin was an extreme specimen, since he had also been diagnosed with obsessive/compulsive disorder.Still, his idea of a compliment was to tell his date she made him want to take his meds.

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Make sure your breath smells nice, get rid of any unsightly facial hair, wear deodorant and take regular showers.Also, when you are out on a date, do your best to put her at ease.Even if you realize that you don’t want to be with her over the long term, be polite and treat her with respect.No matter what happens, you never want your actions to make her uncomfortable.

When approaching her for the first time, for example, smile and be yourself.

In dating senior men, you need to know that your partner may be subconsciously looking for you to become his mirror by stepping into a familiar (to him) relationship routine.