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01-May-2018 20:20

Contrast with Yamato Nadeshiko and Proper Lady; two ideals of feminine beauty (Eastern Asia and Western Europe, respectively.) Also contrast with the Iron Lady, a similarly masculine woman with a very different personality.Due to the "frat boy in a girl's body" nature of this trope, the Lad-ette is the most likely to be a female Gasshole.As I write this review, ITV have just axed two new reality shows, Fat Families and The Real Good Life.At the same time, we get a further new one, this rubbish, Ladette To Lady.If you are a guy, she'll probably challenge you to a fight or a drinking competition, win both and then take an aggressive lead in anything sexual that happens, before kicking you out the front door the following morning or teasing you mercilessly if she lets you stay some more.In short, she is a young heterosexual woman with the personality of a frat boy. Despite (or perhaps because of) their masculine personalities, Lad-ettes are generally heavily sexualised and are not likely to let any males in the company forget they are female.

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Compare and contrast with other tropes about women who look/behave in a traditionally "masculine" way: the Tomboy (she might have been one when young); Bifauxnen (where the girl can effectively pass as a male - though ironically while lacking most of the 'masculine' behaviour of the Ladette); her ancestor, the Pirate Girl; and her great-grandmother, who shares some of her mannerisms and points of view, but retains a more feminine image: The Flapper.

They usually disdain the hassle of highly elaborately feminine clothing/hair/makeup, but don't often dress in a truly cross-dressing way; Tank-Top Tomboy is a common Lad-ette style.

They are also generally attractive; a genuinely Lad-ette is very unusual.

She likes sports, beer, cars, swearing, fighting and sex.

She is crude, rude, often hygienically challenged and cheerfully ignorant and aggressive.

Also compare with her female drinking mates, the Hard-Drinking Party Girl and the Lady Drunk.

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