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22-Feb-2018 17:23

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So i started looking on videos on swinging , cuckold, sharing wifes, and threesomes. So little by little i started to bring up bits and pieces of what i wanted to my wife thru text messages and fantasy talk in bed.I want to say that at some point she got the picture lol .We dated since high school and eventually ended up getting married.We have an amazing marriage and an even better sex life. So after we got married i started getting these weird urges to see my wife do something naughty and sexy. Now the problem was with who, who did i trust enough to help make this fantasy a reality.

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& my wife seeing this enjoyed it and liked it and starting opening up more to sending more pictures and even more sexier ones.And hearing my wife moaning and just taking it and enjoying it was just indescribable.So as i had the camera underneath them while they were on doggystyle i saw there was some drops.At first he held back a bit but then i told him go get it and he went ahead and laid in my bed.

My wife then grabbed him and started kissing him and he started kissing her back passionatley. So angel was timid at first to grab her ass so my wife had to grab his hands and place it on her ass.Let me tell you , the sex got sexier and crazier every night.