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A recreation of Faraday's experiment The apparatus we used for our illustrations is shown above.

It's a recreation of Faraday's device made by the Royal Institution.

Charlie Weston Motorists are likely to lose out again after a new blow was suffered by our dysfunctional insurance market following the collapse of Enterprise Insurance. Charlie Weston Americans refer to it as 'ambulance chasing'. A dodgy lawyer hangs around what they call the 'emergency room', hoping to sign up someone who has just had an accident...

Charlie Weston The decision by one of our leading banks to sell a loan portfolio which includes home loans means there will be trouble ahead.

They are a scientific convention for showing lines of magnetic action (force lines). The north and south poles of the magnet are also indicated.

When the magnetic rod is moved backwards and forwards inside the tube, which remains stationery, the needle of the galvanometer leaps into action, registering current.

When it's in use, the glass bell cover is placed over the mechanism.

Having discovered electro-magnetic induction, Michael Faraday went on to explore its effects.

The experiment also demonstrated that it was essential for magnetic induction that the conducting circuit must intersect the force lines of the magnet.

If you substitute a lamp of some sort for the galvanometer, you can use this apparatus to light it up.

Faraday's devise is a simple dynamo (dynamo-electric machine) and the first electrical generator.

There are around 10 main providers of phone and broadband in this market - and this does not include smaller rural...

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Charlie Weston The Government's new help-to-buy scheme for first-time buyers is full of holes.

You can clearly see the magnet, tube and cotton wadding, though the copper wire coil is hidden.

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