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13-Aug-2018 22:22

Naram's make believe clinic had been scammed many times before.

They- the sociopaths, the cults, the con artists- ask you for unconditional belief- apparently unconditional devotion to their cause without questioning is part of their healing process.

I went to the pulse reading in NY and he didn't do anything.

We wait in the waiting room for 3 hours then finally getting in. I was like WTF I paid him 0 for a ring from his guru and his pulse reading? Not so your whole family comes up and talks together. She told everybody that you have too many toxins in your body.

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Total scam--don't buy from him Not worth it-- 6 plastic rings for , 000 and his pulse test that took 30 seconds. Now - Most important questions - what is your name? I did find it odd at the time that he kept asking about my profession and financial standing.When Marion sees it, it's like a code to her- a way of communicating how much this person can be conned. I told her I've never heard of that before, and she stared intensely into my eyes and said "oh yes…" She didn't break her stare for a long while. Then I went to Marionji, a woman who spoke with some Eastern European sounding accent and I felt she almost needed a crystal ball to complete her "I'm a scam artist" look.

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If they don't even take their treatments and products seriously, why in the hell should we? We all let our credit cards be charged while our intuitions were screaming "Don't do it!… continue reading »

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