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An estimated number of 5000 bargirls are barfined every night inside the red-light tourist district of Angeles City alone.

While considered an outdated term, the expression barfine describes a fee paid to a bar or similar establishment where cladly dressed women solicit for prostitution.

A holt léleknek a létezéséhez energiára van szükség melyet élő emberek aurájából tud elvenni.

Ez az energia elszívás lehet folyamatos, ekkor beszélünk a test megszállásáról, vagy lehet időszakos és ekkor a holt lélek vagy lelkek az ingatlanban bújnak meg, és energiaszívás csak az éjjeli órákban történik.

Az elhunyt lelkének 42-49 nap áll rendelkezésre ahhoz, hogy a földi birodalomtól eltávolodjon.

Ha ezt nem teszi meg nem tér haza az örök fény hazájába, akkor sajnálatos módon itt ragad.

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Find explanations about frequently asked questions like "what is a barfine? However, inside an agogo bar patrons have the opportunity to purchase drinks for employees. For the purchase of one ladydrink a customer receives the entitlement of an employee's undivided attention.

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Usually, the employee will be a female bikini dancer or a waitress.

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The drink is priced twice as expensive as regular customer drinks in most cases. Iced teas, fruit juices, Rum&Coke and Gin Tonic are some of the most common choices.Unlike other bars it's not located on the main strip Fields Avenue, but on nearby Real Street adjacent to A. The four story building was first opened for business as "Pickup Disco", but later leased to a different group of investors running bars like Dollhouse and Club Atlantis.