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Consequently, Caris placed Phillips on a performance improvement plan (“PIP”) to remediate her drop in sales and failure to timely complete necessary administrative tasks. Accordingly, the Arbitrator addressed only whether the Agency had complied with the procedural requirements of the parties’ agreement and the instruction.

Before the Arbitrator, the Union argued that the Agency violated Article 54 of the parties’ agreement (Article 54) and § of the instruction.

Although Mc Cullough’s written order did not mention a blood test, Mc Cullough testified that he told the hospital staff, through Manning, to administer one. Kates’ approval at the time he performed the surgeries. Approximately three months later, the Agency proposed to suspend the grievant.

The defendants also insist that a blood test was required under the union agreement, which instructs that alcohol tests be conducted in a manner that preserves samples for confirmatory testing. Doctor Novak is a board certified general surgeon who practiced at Somerset Hospital from 1993 until 2005. Novak and asked him to perform surgery to replace implantable cardioverter defibrillator (“ICD”) generators. The surgeries were successful and no patients suffered any sequela as a result of the procedures performed. FEDERAL COURTS SMACKS DOWN COMMUNIST-FILLED EEOC FOR THE 100TH TIME THIS YEAR. Catastrophe Management Solutions does not hire anyone, black or white, who uses an “excessive hairstyle[ ],” a category that includes dreadlocks. Phillips was employed with Caris as a sales director from March 2010 until her termination on November 7, 2011. Around that time, the grievant engaged in some other misconduct.

He also alleged a complaint he filed with the Office of Special Counsel (“OSC”) disclosing alleged Agen- cy violations and a complaint he filed with the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners after his termination constituted protected disclosures. Greer that he was being removed from his position because he had violated the terms of the last chance agreement by making additional inappropriate comments to a supervisor. Greer filed an appeal with the MSPB challenging his removal. Taylor responded to that allegation by asking Mc Cullough to order an alcohol test. find that the charge of ‘Denied Eligibility to Access Non-Critical Sensitive Areas’ is fully supported by the evidence and your removal is warranted and will be effected on 13 July 2012.” Although Regional Fire Chief Cox signed the letter, it was not formally issued to Mr. Instead, District Fire Chief Thomas Clapsadle, who was to deliver the letter of decision, offered Mr. After learning that his retirement benefits were not at risk, Mr.

Gordie Taylor, a black firefighter formerly with the Dolton Fire Department, asserts claims under Title VII for discriminatory discharge and hostile work environment against the Village of Dolton and several of his former supervisors.

In 2009, the parties entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) concerning augmentation.

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As relevant here, that section provides that the Agency may not deny an employee an assignment “solely because” it has temporarily revoked that employee’s authorization to carry a firearm.[5] The Arbitrator found that the Agency denied the grievant his normal assignment because, without authorization to carry a firearm, he was unqualified.Specifically, she stated that although the grievant would have received eight hours of overtime pay per week in his normal position, any loss of pay resulted from his reassignment, not the Agency’s violations.Accordingly, the Arbitrator did not award backpay or attorney fees.The Arbitrator also observed that the Agency reassigned the grievant due to its investigation into the initial misconduct.

Accordingly, the Arbitrator concluded that the Agency did not violate §

This case arises from the Guard’s decision to terminate two “dual-status” technicians. Taylor claims that he was subjected to racially offensive language when he worked at the Dolton Fire Department between 20.